Whether you’re a wine aficionado or you fake it when ordering a bottle at dinner, our wine experts at Lake Liquor are happy to expand your horizons. We’ll help you find one – or two or three – to suit your palate perfectly.

We stay stocked with hundreds of your favorite brands. We dare you to leave empty-handed once you’ve seen our selection, which includes reds, whites, zinfandels, port, sherry, box wines, and much more.

Meanwhile, here’s an overview of basic wine types.

Drink Up So Many Wines, So Little Time

Wines are categorized into five main styles that encompass hundreds of grape varieties and winemaking techniques:

  1. Red wine is a still wine made from black grapes that range from light to dark, bone-dry to sweet.
  2. White wine is a still wine produced with green and sometimes black grapes. This style ranges from rich and creamy to light and zesty.
  3. Rosé wine is a still wine from black grapes produced by removing the skins before deeply coloring the wine. It can also be produced by blending red and white, and both dry and sweet styles are common.
  4. Sparkling wine involves a secondary fermentation that produces bubbles. It can be red, white, or rosé, and the tastes range from minerally to rich and sweet.
  5. Fortified wine is typically a dessert wine that is fortified with spirits, but there are also many dry fortified wines like dry sherry.

Styles have different levels of sweetness, primarily a result of the type of winemaking.

  • Dry wines result from all of the grape sugars being fermented into alcohol. Some might contain a hint of residual sugar meant to add body.
  • Semi-sweet, or off-dry, wine leaves a hint of the sugars in a wine mostly to complement the acidity and/or the aroma.
  • Sweet wines leave a lot of the sugars unfermented. They typically have less alcohol if not fortified, such as common moscato wines.

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