Given the sheer number of beers on today’s market, it can be difficult to know how to select one that will hit the spot at the end of a long day. If you’re not a connoisseur, you may tend to stick with what you know. After all, why spend money on a toss-up?

Adding to the choices are craft beers, typically produced in small quantities and distributed in a specific region. Crafts continue to grow in popularity, as consumers are willing to pay a little more for a distinctively-flavored, hand-crafted product.

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Common ways to categorize beer are by where it comes from, who makes it, and what kind of beer it is.

1 If you go anywhere with beer for sale, you’ll find the ever-popular pilsner, which is a type of pale lager originally brewed in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, and Coors Light, which are four of the most popular domestic beers made in the USA, are all pilsners.

2 Like craft beers, sales of imported beers are thriving as well. Some of the most popular imports include Corona, Heineken, Bass, and Guinness beers.

3 Craft beers definitely have made a name for themselves, with many of these breweries producing several different types of beer. Some are hugely popular, like Samuel Adams lager or Sierra Nevada pale ale. Others are considered more authentic craft beers, originating from smaller, more local breweries. American craft beer tends to be very hoppy compared to imported beers, and many craft beers are ales. Click here for more on different styles of beer.

4 IPA beer, or India Pale Ale, is a trending style of beer where we see a notable increase in demand. IPA beers are a hoppy variant of pale ales, often with an herbal or citric character and colors ranging from a pale gold to a reddish amber. We carry several popular IPA brands, and encourage you to give them a try, especially if you have not experienced an American IPA beer!

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