Turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings… Brimming with anticipation, most soon will be enjoying those sweet aromas wafting from the kitchen. Speaking of pleasant bouquets, what better way to spice up your holiday feast than with yummy wine selections?

And if you have a large family, you can usually expect to eat several Thanksgiving dinners. This allows for even more opportunities for trying new wines to compliment all the scrumptious soul food you’ll partake this season.

Many great brands produce varietals that pair beautifully with fall fare. We thought we’d offer just a few suggestions to help get your gears turning:

Pair Your Thanksgiving Dinner with Delicious Wine… Or Two

1 If you tend to lean toward red wines, you can never go wrong with a Pinot Noir, particularly one produced in California or Oregon. The former is a simple and plush berry fruit that perfectly pairs with traditional Thanksgiving cuisine, while the latter is a skosh earthier with a more subtle fruitiness. Overall, a Pinot Noir is ideal because it has a lighter body and is easier on the palate (in contrast to a Cabernet or Merlot, for example).

2 If serving whites, go for a fuller-bodied selection to complement rich dishes. Sip a California Chardonnay, with its velvety hint of toasted oak and round mouthfeel, and you’ll begin to hear the mashed potatoes and gravy calling your name. Chardonnay not usually your first choice? Ask us for a selection that is un-oaked for a brighter, more citrus-forward flavor that still maintains a full body.

3 Those who prefer lighter whites will find their distinct fruity and floral notes can provide a delicious contrast to savory – and heavy – holiday helpings. Riesling and Gewürztraminer varietals tend to be favorites for this approach.

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After browsing our vast selection and chatting with our vino experts, you’ll never wonder where to buy wine again. We’re confident our expansive (Maumelle) liquor store will surpass your expectations.

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