Some people are extremely hard to buy for, but there are a few items that usually go over well with just about anyone — and that’s wine, spirits, and beer.

This is a perfect gift for family and friends. And it can be a lifesaver in a pinch, particularly for someone you may not know very well, such as a co-worker or new neighbor. Wine, spirits, and beer are especially popular gifts for someone who has just turned 21.

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The knowledgeable staff at Lake Liquor will help you determine what to purchase for your liquor gift sets, wine gift sets, or gift baskets with wine, spirits, or beer.

With so many types of wine, spirits, and beer available, particularly in our store, it’s a good idea to start with a theme.

1 If you’re going with a fine wine, it’s good to know whether your recipient prefers red, white, dry, or sweet. You can create simple pairings with cheeses and crackers, olives, and fruit. Include a cork screw and maybe a pair of wine glasses, along with decorative wine charms and stoppers.

2 You may choose a fiesta-theme with a bottle of tequila and various margarita mixers. Instead of a basket, you could use a pitcher or even a sombrero. Add several different-sized shot glasses, a couple of limes, and salt. Don’t forget the margarita glasses.

3 For a more inclusive cocktail basket, you could add several types of liquor along with cocktail recipes and different types of glasses (martini, scotch, etc.). You might also include cherries, olives, and other garnishes, along with stirring sticks, a drink shaker, and a flask.

4 If your recipient is a beer drinker, use a cooler and fill it with favorite beers, a bottle opener, and koozies. You’ll find hundreds of brands to choose from at Lake Liquor.

5 If you’re truly stumped, this is one instance when a gift certificate is entirely appropriate. You may even create a basket with sample bottles of various spirits. Make sure the gift card contains enough money to purchase a full-sized bottle of the recipient’s favorite.

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