OK, so we’ve talked about how now is the time to stock up on all your favorites for fall with our excellent seasonal craft beer selection. Should you need a reminder, some of our favorites include Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, Shipyard Pumpkinhead and Sam Adam’s Fat Jack! But perhaps in our fervor to help you stock great beer and liquor for autumn, we neglected to fully explain one detail: Why the hurry?

The reason for the rush applies more to seasonal brews than other libations, although there are many wine varietals and liquors that are produced only during certain times of the year. However, many of the latter are still obtainable throughout the year.

Get Your Favorite Seasonal Craft Beers While You Still Can

Not true for brews. Here’s why:

1 As the term “seasonal” implies, these beers are designed to capture the essence of a particular time of year. In that effort, inspiration usually comes from ingredients that are only available during those seasons.

2 For example, pumpkin ales are quite varied, but they’re all typically released as a fall seasonal. Most connoisseurs consider them best brewed using real pumpkins, with roasting adding more depth to this mild, malty, and often spicy style.

3 The fall season brings fresh ingredients straight from the field, including hops just hours from the vine, locally sourced honey, chocolate malts, and savory spices. Craft brewers take advantage of these limited-time-only supplies to create their own unique personifications of autumn.

4 In addition to a finite window to acquire necessary ingredients, some breweries much prefer to roll out seasonal craft beers early than to deal with leftover product after fall ends. Some seasonal brews are being released earlier in the year, resulting in an even more quickly depleted supply.

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