Through our well-established supplier relationships developed over nearly half a century in the industry, Lake Liquor is able to provide an amazing selection at unbeatable prices on all your favorite wines, spirits, and beers.

When you’re looking for discount liquor, we know you’ll find the whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, mixers, and more to suit your budget. The same goes for discount wines. And we can’t leave out beer, as we offer all manner of domestics, imports, and crafts. Our huge inventory of your favorite brands combined with our expert staff makes for the best selection of central Arkansas’ favorite brands.

We have plenty of cold beer in stock!

Here are a few tips for stocking your liquor cabinet without breaking the bank:

1 Make your liquor cabinet a reflection of your taste. Basically, rather than trying to buy what everyone likes, stock with what you drink. When company comes calling, let them try one of your favorites.

2 For example, if you don’t like vodka, why keep it in your home? Instead, purchase whiskeys and other spirits more suited to your liking (perhaps a whiskey, a gin, and a favorite tequila).

3 You might consider keeping a rye on hand, particularly during winter months. You can substitute for a more summery liquor when warm weather arrives.

4 If you know what you’re doing, you can make your own bitters. Also try sinking a drop of port into mixed drinks in lieu of vermouth. All of these tips can save you quite a bit of money while still satisfying you and your guests.

Lake Liquor also holds a Class B wholesale license with the state, allowing us to supply many bars and restaurants in Arkansas. If you are interested in pricing information for your bar or restaurant, click here.

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