If you live north of the Arkansas River, there really is no need to cross the bridge to buy alcohol.

Lake Liquor, located just off of I-40 at the Morgan/Maumelle exit (142), has a long history of serving patrons who live north of the river, particularly those in dry counties. Started in 1966 and incorporated the following year, the store has undergone a number of changes, including a remodel in 1980 and a complete rebuild in 1993.

Wine and Champagne at Lake Liquor!

Our family-owned business has gone to great lengths over the years to provide quality products and excellent customer service. And while our location has proven to be an attraction for those who otherwise would have to drive to Little Rock to buy liquor, that has by no means led us to languish in our efforts to constantly improve the value and selection of our products.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for our customers to come from wet counties as well because they know they can find just about anything they need:

1 We are liquor and cocktail experts, always striving to offer the best selection of central Arkansas’ favorite brands of spirits, including whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, mixers, and much more. If you have a particular spirit in mind, we will do everything we can to get it if it’s not already in stock.

2 Lake Liquor is essentially a domestic and imported wine supercenter with a huge selection of your favorite brands, including champagne of course. We are always adding new lines at great values, as well as hard-to-find wines.

3 Last but certainly not least, we are your headquarters for domestic, imported, and craft beer. You’re always sure to find the brands of domestics and imports you want. But don’t forget to check out our impressive selection of craft beers. A craft beer, by the way, has a distinctive flavor, is produced in small quantities, and is distributed in a particular region.

Contact us here, or call our experts at 501-851-9903 for product availability, tips, and information on our various tasting events.