While most of us probably couldn’t make the trip to Munich for this year’s (original) Oktoberfest, about 6.3 million did attend the world’s largest fair, and consumed 6.4 million liters of beer. Though you may not be a beer connoisseur, chances are you have heard of this festival, which provided the inspiration for the popular Märzen/Oktoberfest style.

Now is the perfect time to scoop up these Märzen/Oktoberfest beers because, like all seasonal brews, they are at the peak of freshness due to the current availability of necessary ingredients. While you’re at it, why not support local breweries and buy local beer?

Check Out the Best Selection of Local Brews & Add to Your Oktoberfest Favorites

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Meanwhile, here are a few Märzen/Oktoberfest beers that receive high ratings from the online beer community:

1 Paulaner Oktoberfest-Märzen (5.8 percent Alcohol by Volume, or ABV) – This German-brewed treat is now brewed year-round due to its warm reception from beer lovers. It is well-known and highly regarded among beers of this style.

2 Paulaner Oktoberfest Wiesn (6 percent ABV) – Another from the same brewery, this one is available on a limited basis, like most seasonal beers, and was brewed to celebrate the 200th Oktoberfest. It’s very drinkable with a hint of citrus that reminds one more of an early fall lager.

3 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest (6.2 percent ABV) – Always dependable, Sierra Nevada’s fall brew has proven a popular homage to the classic festival beer style. The California brewery describes it as medium-bodied, rich, and containing a bready, toffee-like flavor with a crisp finish characterized by spicy and floral hops.

4 Weihenstephaner Winter Festbier (5.8 percent ABV) – Yet another brewed in Germany, this beer is described as lighter in color than most of this style, and also very bready and yeasty.

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