Searching for liquor stores in Little Rock or central Arkansas? Visit our store and be amazed at the selection! Lake Liquor is the go-to spot for those of you with easy access to I-40.

Many of our new customers are surprised to see the vast amount of beer, wine, and spirits available on the shelves of our store. Read on to learn more about our vast selection of alcohol.

Having not previously been known for our wine or craft beer selections, we have listened to our customers — and we now offer one of the largest on-site selections of regular and fine wines and craft beers.

Many customers who have not visited our location in the last couple of years are astonished by our wine selection and pricing. Customers are also amazed by our educated staff that can help you find anything in the store!

If you are planning a party, please be sure to visit our party planning page. We can also help you out if you have a particular budget in mind and know how many people are coming to your event. This is a great way to get the most bang for your buck while keeping your friends happy with some of their favorite spirits.

Call (501) 851-9903 or contact us online for more information. Visit our liquor store today!