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Here is some information about a brand we carry that many locals are familiar with already:

Diamond Bear Beers from Arkansas

1 Diamond Bear Brewing Company of North Little Rock was founded in 2000 to offer its own local flavor to Arkansas and surrounding areas. To wit, the founders named the company by combining the state’s first two nicknames, the Diamond State and the Bear State, respectively.

2 Little Rock’s first production brewery to be formed in more than 15 years, Diamond Bear has won several national and international awards. While focused on expansion, the brewery continues to produce its beer “in the old, time-honored traditional methods of European brewers, using only two-row malted barley, hops, yeast, and great Arkansas water.”

3 Speaking of awards, Diamond Bear Pale Ale, a classic English style pale ale, is a three-time World Beer Cup Gold winner. The competition, regarded by many as the Olympics for beer, is aimed at creating greater global consumer awareness about different beer styles and flavor profiles while fostering excellence among brewers.

4 Diamond Bear Pale Ale is lauded as a great balance of sweetness imparted by roasted caramel malt and light bitterness from traditional, English-variety hops including Goldings, Cascade, and Fuggles. A medium-bodied, amber-colored ale with a white head, it has light carbonation with a nice aroma of hops, which is typical for this style. Best served in an English pint, its ABV is 6.2 percent (alcohol by weight is 4.96 percent), and its bitterness rating is 33.

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